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Get carers, service users and care specialists connected

CARER.AI serves as a platform to connect carers, service users, and care specialists together. Make use of technology to create a more efficient healthcare service ecosystem, so that people in need can get flexible healthcare services at an affordable price.


I can book healthcare services for my loved one easily with CARER.AI. So I can off-load my worry and pressure to take a break. 

Service User

I can have instant and holistic healthcare services. CARER.AI helps me to find the nurses that perfectly fit my need.

Care Specialist

I get tailored jobs based on my interest and professionals. Helping people make me happy and the job itself has always been rewarding.

Trust for Tomorrow

We believe in the goodness of human nature. While the world is becoming more digital each day and every day, there is still a lot of unexplored potentials for us to build a better and smarter society to live in. With insights into the healthcare journey of both individuals and human service organizations, we are building the foundation of tomorrow's technological management and innovation.

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