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CARER.Plus builds a human-centric society for tomorrow

We provide human-centered design powerfully start chipping away heavily paper-relied patterns within human services organizations and the medical community. By means, avoiding human errors in between and speeding up the processing time for individuals.

System Setting
  • Service units / cost centres / service teams

  • Staff record / public holiday / leave record 

  • Case referral & application 

  • Waiting list management  

  • Case admission & discharge / assessment / individual care plan / service plan / case review  

  • Case management / client dashboard

  • Case recording / progress note / incident & accident report 

  • Meal route / escort planner  

  • Roster planning & arrangement / service record  

  • Statistical Information System (SIS) form

  • Operation reports 

  • Membership reports 

  • Enrollment reports 

  • Attendance reports 

  • Service record reports 

  • Billing sales order

  • Service item posting 

  • Debit note generation 

  • Service income calculation

  • Internal billing

System Integration
  • Mobile App 

  • WhatsApp  

  • Finance system 

  • Digital platform, e.g. YouTube, Zoom

  • Drop-in

  • Canteen

  • Leasing 

  • Retail sales

CARER.Plus Membership Hub provides NGOs with a 360-degree view of their members

CARER.Plus Membership Hub stores a complete history in a single spot, including marketing campaigns, event history, service cases, and all constituent interactions for efficient contact management. 

Membership registration

Multiple identities

Holistic presentation

Release of newsletter

Demographic analysis

Enrolment & attendance

Flexible cloud-based solutions to extend your workspace to any where

Case management & assessment

Program planning & evaluation 


Carer support service

Membership system

Program enrolment

Assessment tools

Home-based service

Financial hub

Attendance records

Case progress note

Web & app based


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