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CARER.Plus Overview

Empower your operation with technology

CARER.Plus is a cloud-based social service management solution tailor-made for NGOs and human services organizations. Enable NGOs to use features like document sharing and collaboration tools, as well as provide support for their users in the form of tutorials, FAQs and customer service channels. In addition, It provides specialized features that help NGOs and human services organizations to coordinate their members, volunteers and programs with digital tools like calendars, rosters and analytics to measure the impact of their activities.

By leveraging CARER.Plus, NGOs and human services organizations would be better equipped to manage their organization and utilize their resources.


CARER.Plus evolves your daily operations at lower costs and higher efficiency

Life Hub

Life Hub is a single spot to store the complete history and profile of all roles involved in our CAERER.Plus ecosystem. Encouraging transparency between different parties and improving the efficiency of care information sharing to provide better caring service to patients.

Program Hub

Program Hub is an online platform that enables NGOs to create, and manage their programs in every detail. It saves time to promote programs and allows for reaching more target audiences. At the same time, carers or other citizens can also find and attend the programs they are interested. 

Service Hub

Services Hub provides comprehensive functions and features to assist carers to take care of their clients. It allows access to a care plan which has the full extent of preparation for taking care of the patient, guiding carers step by step. 

Communication Hub

Communication Hub is a bridge to connect NGOs, carers, clients, and service providers altogether. Enable efficient and instant two-way communication through different channels such as SMS, WhatsApp, WeChat, and emails. 

Operation Hub

Operation Hub is a management solution enables NGOs to digitalize and streamline the operation of service delivery to service users. Enhance the daily operation efficiency to save time and cost.

Donor Hub

Donor Hub is a repository to keep every detail about donation. It can facilitate NGOs to analysis donation data to create reports. Donors can also easily access to Donor Hub to check their donation history in different NGOs.

Financial Hub

Financial Hub is a tailored system for NGOs to manage their financial tasks. Help them to pay bill and get paid on time. Digitize quotes, invoices, and receipts to easily keep track of the program costs and incomes. 

Integration Hub

Integration Hub empowers CARER.Plus to connect with different hardware and software through web API and authentication. By integrating with other systems, CAERE.Plus can leverage vital signs data to provide a more accurate care plan. 

System Centralization

Existing NGO systems are scattered and operated in different services, CARER.Plus centralizes and consolidates various systems such as service management system for youth, home care management system for elderly service into our platform. 

Digital Transformation

Most NGOs heavily rely on Microsoft Office tools such as Excel to support their daily operation. CARER.Plus enhances daily operation efficiency and services management effectiveness to digitalize all service operations.

Operation Standardization

To streamline operation, system logic, data entry and information security, CARER.Plus centralizes all storage and optimizes service process through the operation standardization to provide a secure, cost-effective and reliable solution. CARER.Plus not only systemizes the paperwork, but also evolves the operation efficiency. 

Data Analysis

To facilitate NGOs on data analytics and customer relationship management across services, CARER.Plus serves as an integrated system to connect with the different big data platforms.


To overcome geographical constraints and support cross-service, cross-unit operations. CARER.Plus manages the program plan or retrieves relevant information anywhere and anytime. Service users can make service registration in any service unit of the NGO.

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