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CARER.AI and CARER.Plus become the Technology Platform for Servant Leadership Cultivation Project

Our CARER.AI and CARER.Plus are honoured to be designated by Pro-Tech Software as the technology platform for the "2022-2023 Servant Leadership Cultivation” project. CARER.Plus will support Pro-Tech Software to record information on students’ performance, as well as evaluate the overall project effectiveness. On the other hand, CARER.AI will collect and analyze vital signs data for the elderly, and then send assessment reports to their mobile phones.

Organized by U-Fire, the Servant Leadership Cultivation project aims to awaken the potential of secondary school students, providing them opportunities to commit to the community, learn to care for the elderly in need, and thereby enhance their abilities and inspire them to become outstanding carers in the future.

We hope that the project can achieve cross-generational connections. The elderly can realize how technology brings them convenience and benefits through the care of students.

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