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Launch of Community Health & Intelligent Technology Pilot Scheme

A "fall" refers to a sudden, involuntary fall to the ground or an unintentional change in body position. It is an accident that often occurs in everyone's later life. The elderly with long COVID are at a higher risk of falls due to extreme fatigue and physical exhaustion. Therefore, we have launched the "Community Health & Intelligent Technology Pilot Scheme” to educate the elderly and carers about the causes and prevention methods of falls, and at the same time provide opportunities for them to understand the benefits brought by intelligent technology.

The first event will take place on 27 August. We are honored to cooperate with Shui Hong Nursing Home to share about fall prevention with the elderly in the nursing home and will conduct a fall risk assessment and rapid COVID-19 antibody test. The assessment reports and test results will be stored in the participants' CARER.AI mobile application so that the elderly can better manage their health records and enhance their ability to apply technology. We hope the scheme will help the elderly prevent falls and enjoy a better life from four aspects: Education, Assessment, Testing and Technology.

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