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The First Event of the "Community Health & Intelligent Technology Pilot Scheme” was completed

The first event of the "Community Health & Intelligent Technology Pilot Scheme” was completed successfully last week. Co-organized Shui Hong Nursing Home, we received an overwhelming response that the number of attendees was double the number we expected, which proves that the elderly are very concerned about ”Fall Prevention" and ”Epidemic Prevention”.

In this event, we invited a registered nurse and a registered social worker respectively to explain fall risk and prevention and to share the various community services for the elderly currently available in Hong Kong. After the presentation, we did a fall risk assessment and a rapid COVID-19 antibody test for the elderly. Everyone who received a fall risk assessment only needs to perform three simple movements: walking, standing, and sitting. We analyzed their risk indicators through the Fall Risk Management System and then generated a personalized fall risk assessment report.

As the use of smartphones by the elderly becomes more and more popular, we also use intelligent technology to allow them to receive fall risk assessment and antibody test reports in our ”CARER.AI" mobile application. So that the report not only is stored in the mobile phone securely and flexibly to be shared with their family or care specialists for further follow-up.

This scheme starts from four aspects: education, assessment, testing, and technology to help the elderly improve their health, prevent diseases, and reduce accidents, thereby improving their overall quality of life. If you are interested in this scheme and would like to cooperate with us, please contact us at

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